"Regional Sound - National Quality"

2500W 21" Active Sub $1999 Each

A 21" powered subwoofer with deep bass and high fast impact.

The active Freq City Sound 21 features punchy and full deep bass, very high output, and versatility across all genres from a club show to outdoor concerts. Its massive output is fast, smooth, even, accurate and clean. The FCS21 can satisfy the demands of hard-hitting live kick drums, bass guitar and low end on the keys. The state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier provides a true 2,500 watts of continuous (RMS) power. The amplifier can deliver continuous power, ensuring that power isn’t the limiting factor on your quest for low end. Providing plenty of power limits the possibility of overheating and damage to the woofer caused by clipping. The amp has a damping factor of greater than 400 which gives you fast recovery for rapid kick drum strikes. There is a built-in DSP speaker program that was tuned to get the most out of the box by my guys (blackbelt in Smaart). The Freq response curve is shown in one of the pictures as well as the amp & speaker specs in detail.


·               3200W Peak

·               2500W continuous (RMS)

·               DC protection

·               Under Voltage Protection

·               Smart Overheat Management

·               Soft startup Protection

·               Output Overload Protection

·               Input & Output Limiters

·               Smart Fan Cooling

·               Variable Speed Fans

·               Front to Back Cooling

·               10 Amps AC Current Draw


·               4 Ohms

·               Continuous Power Handling 3600W

·               Nominal Power Handling 1800W

·               Freq Range 32Hz – 1000Hz (Check the Freq Curve pic for Actual)


Andy Kirk Amp Programmer
Truck pack design 30" deep

Each sub draws maximum 10 amps at 110V

Amplifier Plate

                      SPEAKER SPECS                        SUB WEIGHT 129LBS                                         AMP SPECS

21" Woofers
Speaker Specs

ROAD CASE AVAILABLE FOR THE 21" SUBS $200 EACH                                        CASTER BOARD DESIGNED FOR THE 21" SUB $95

Road case for FCS21H
Caster Board Built for the FCS21H
Miami Valley Gaming Show

Built in cross-over and DSP. You can plug in a full range signal and jump out to your high boxes.

Internal EQ settings