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JBL-VRX932LAP Universal ATA Flight Case for JBL VRX932LAP $375 Each

Road case to protect JBL-932LAP Line Array Boxes. Each Case holds two speakers

The JBL-VRX932LAP ATA Flight Case is a professional touring speaker case that houses two JBL-VRX932LAP speakers, and employs a laminated plywood that has a hard shell with internal padding to provide the best customized protection for your investment. The case rests on 4 casters designed for easy traveling; it also has dishes on top to facilitate stacking with other flight cases.

• 3/8 inch re-inforced layering plywood w/ Matte Black finished laminate
• Inside lined with durable hard foam rubber
• Heavy duty ballcorners
• Industrial rivets
• Recessed spring-loaded handles
• Recessed butterfly twist latches
• 4 inch Swivel casters w/ brakes on 2 wheels
• Stackable 4x caster dish on top of each case

The case weighs 65lbs. Outside measurements are 25 1/4" x 30 1/2" by 21 1/4" High (27 1/2" High w/ Casters)

Case with shipping cardboard weighs 68 pounds 32" x 27" x 27.5"

JBL-VRX932LAP Case inside bottom Measurements
JBL-VRX932LAP Case inside top Measurements
JBL-VRX932LAP Case Outside Measurements